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ERIKS sign trademark license agreement

ERIKS nv - LANXESS license agreement


LANXESS license agreement (55kB)

Photo: ERIKS

Therban now exclusive material for HNBR seals from ERIKS

Industrial service-provider ERIKS can guarantee a significantly longer service life for its O-rings when using Therban (HNBR) for their manufacture.

The Technical Rubber Products (TRP) business unit of specialty chemicals group LANXESS has now concluded a trademark license agreement for its high-performance HNBR rubber Therban with the industrial trading company ERIKS based in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. The globally operating distributor of industrial components for sealing, hose, drive and joining technology will in the future use Therban grades from LANXESS for its hydrogenated rubber seals, which are manufactured according to its own specifications.

By using this high-performance material, ERIKS can ensure that its HNBR products have a uniformly high raw material and compound quality. As an orientation for its customers the industrial equipment supplier will use LANXESS's Therban logo.

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