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Bio-Pro, high performance tri-clamp gasket


High purity Triclover Gaskets (43kB)


High Purity

As the process conditions in pharmaceutical installations are getting more and more severe (temperature - CIP - SIP -aseptic), the need of a universal applicable product is relevant.

Gylon Blue is a perfect combination between virgin PTFE and glass based microspheres. Due to its inorganic microspheres, Gylon Blue is highly compressible and can be used in a wide range of applications.

The mix of PTFE with microspheres permits Gylon Blue to resist to a universal range of liquids, and combines a high temperature resistance with an exceptional good mechanical stability. Indeed, cold-flow, usually recognised as one of the major problems with virgin PTFE-gaskets, is completely eliminated when using a modified PTFE-gasket such as Gylon Blue.

Gylon Blue can be used in Low-Stress-applications, which means that this material can be used in plastic, glass as well as in stainless steel couplings.

Main properties:

  • Temperature : -210 up to +260 °C
  • Pressure : up to 55 bar
  • Compressibility : 22 to 45%
  • Recovery :30%


  • Gylon Blue conforms to FDA specifications
  • Gylon Blue has recently been tested and proven to be according USP class IV regulations

Dimensions and prices:

Bio-Pro gaskets can be supplied in a different range of sizes and standards, such as DIN 32676 and ISO 2852.

Bio-Pro: the new modified PTFE-gasket for tri-clampcouplings
DIN 32676ISO 2852
DN 10-
DN 15
DN 20-
DN 251" 
DN 32 
DN 401 1/2"
DN 502 "
DN 652 1/2"
DN 803"
DN 1004"
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