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Antimicrobiological Bio-hygienic-HNBR dairy sealing rings: The solution for food safety (123kB)


The growth of bacteria, fungi and yeast on and around rubber seals forms a substantial threat in food safety.


HNBR-based rubber, which has been processed with Bio-hygienic, a silver-based biocide.


  • The bacteria or microbes make contact with the sealing ring,
  • The bacteria absorb the free silver ions on the surface of the sealing ring,
  • The silver ions destroy the bacteria/microbes by breaking down their cell walls.

Advantages of Bio-hygienic-HNBR

  • The silver ions on the outside of the sealing rings remain active even after several washes
  • The silver ions are released in areas that are hard or impossible to access with classical detergents (e.g.: hairline cracks in the seals)
  • The Bio-hygienic additive has been approved by a number of major institutions:

          o FDA: Food and Drug Administration

          o EPA: Environmental Protection Agency

          o FIFRA: Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act

          o EFSA: European Food Safety Agency

  • Temperature resistance: -35 to +150°C
  • Steam resistance to 150°C
  • Superior resistance to general oils and greases compared to NBR,
  • Superior aging resistance compared to NBR,
  • Optimal sealing properties,
  • Yellow colour to facilitate recognition,

Bio-hygienic-HNBR sealing rings for the dairy industry

  • Dimensions: according DIN 11851
  • Material: HNBR yellow (Other colours available upon request)

Other sealants and properties

It is also possible to produce alternative types of sealants and/or qualities using Bio-hygienic additive, e.g.:

  • O-rings, moulded parts, clamping seals
  • EPDM, Viton®, Silicone, NBR

Rubber profiles

We also produce customized rubber seals with identical microbiocidal properties from 25 m using TPE (EPDM/PP).



  • Door seals for cooler ad freezer cells,
  • Tank lids,
  • Seals for mixers and kneading machines,
  • Door seals for hospitals,
  • Seals for vibrating screens /vibrosieves in the pharmaceutical industry
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