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TypeCompoundColour StandardOther ColoursShore A HardnessTemp. °CCertificatesOutside Application
TPe RX® P300 (78kB)SEBSTranslucentall10°-50/+60FDA / BGVVYes
TPe RX® P402 (49kB)SEBSTranslucentall65°-35/+90-
TPe RX® P350 (78kB)SEBSWhiteall20°-50/+90FDA / BGVVYes
TPe RX® P2003 (77kB)SEBSCreamall30°-40/+50FDA / BGVVNo
TPe RX® P346 * (78kB)SEBSCreamall40°-50/+90FDA / BGVV / USPYes
TPe RX® P205 (78kB)SEBSTranslucentall45°-50/+95FDA / BGVVYes
TPe RX® P404 (66kB)SEBSCreamall57°-35/+95-Yes
TPe RX® P535 (77kB)SANTOPRENE®Creamall58°-50/+130FDAYes
TPe RX® P534 (72kB)SANTOPRENE®Creamall64°-50/+130FDAYes
TPe RX® P344 (78kB)SEBSCreamall65°-35/+90FDA / BGVVYes
TPe RX® P524 (66kB)SANTOPRENE®Creamall65°-50/+110-Yes
TPe RX® P503 (66kB)PP / EPDMBlackall65°-40/+90-Only in black
TPe RX® P342 (78kB)SEBSCreamall80°-35/+90FDA / BGVVYes
TPe RX® P121 (112kB)SEBSCreamall30°D-35/+110-Yes

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Santoprene® is a registered trademark of Advanced Elastomers Systems
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