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Genuine Viton®

Rubbertechnology - viton

‘Only the best is good enough for you’

Today’s industry sometimes operates under extreme conditions. Heat, aggressive media, corrosive gasses and mechanical stress require the utmost performance from your seals. Extreme requirements demand quality assurance and the best materials: in those cases Genuine Viton®, the fluoroelastomer made by DuPont Performance Elastomers is the solution. If safety and quality assurance are a must, Genuine Viton® is the only choice. Genuine Viton® is manufactured with 100% pure fluoroelastomers and is certified with the Viton® certificate, which is granted by DuPont Performance Elastomers. ERIKS was appointed licensed distributor for Genuine Viton® products in 1994. In 1999, our license was renewed.

Our product range of Genuine Viton® products:

  • O-Rings;
  • Oil seals;
  • Vulc-O-rings;
  • O-Ring cord;
  • Profiles;
  • Rubber moulded products;
  • Sealants;
  • Sheeting products.

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