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Chemical & Petrochemical Industry


Applications in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry are sometimes critical. Next to the broad chemical resistance is also the low and high temperature resistance of great importance. ERIKS has 50 years of experience in this field.


In close collaboration with DuPont Performance Elastomers, ERIKS has a lot of original Viton® and Kalrez® compounds for different applications.

Chemical and Petrochemial Industry Applications
NBR36624 (black), 47702 (black), 366185 (black)
EPDM55914 (black), 55914 PC (black)
VMQ714777 (red-brown)
CR32906 (black)
Aflas® (TFE/P)223001 (black), 223002 (black), 223301 (black)
Genuine Viton® A51414 (black), 51414 (green), 514320 (black)
Genuine Viton® B514021 (black)
Genuine Viton® GF514141 (black)
Genuine Viton® GLT514019 (black)
Genuine Viton® GFLT514017 (black), 514712 (black)
Genuine Viton® Extreme ETP514016 (black)
Kalrez®4079, Spectrum™ 6375, Spectrum™ 7075, 1050LF, 2035, 2037, 3018
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